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Artist/author Mark Haskett has created a one-man show integrating his music from Song of The Prophet with stories and commentary about the life and philosophy of Kahlil Gibran . . .

Mark with his guitar

During his two-hour performance, Mark sings and plays guitar “live” to the pre-recorded accompaniment of ProphetSong — and, where possible, with live back-up vocals . This more intimate concert is especially suited for venues such as congregational settings, coffee houses, and small- to medium-sized concert halls.
The full group, ProphetSong

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For larger venues, ProphetSong is available in whole or part, for performances featuring an abbreviated version of Mark’s commentary on Gibran, and more focus on the music. Look for longer instrumentals, more improvisation . . . and even a preview of one or two songs/counsels not on the CD!

Mark’s Ten Year Anniversary Concert Tour is now being scheduled for dates/locations throughout the Western US and Northeast. For information regarding tour routes and tentative dates — or for inquiries about Mark's availability for a performance or “Prophet Service”* in your venue, please send an email to:

*Details about Mark’s popular Sunday-morning “Prophet Service,” can be found on page two of his Press Kit (download at left).