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Publisher’s Overview:

Assuming Christianity’s much-disputed and long-postponed Second Coming may yet occur, what are the chances the Messiah might return in the form of a woman?

Written by the author of Greater Miracles and FaithSpeak, Mark Haskett’s latest novel imagines a Second Coming in which the Messiah may have indeed returned at last, not as the New Testament’s Son of God arriving “on the clouds of heaven,” but in the life of a conflicted Associate Rabbi from Oakland, California named Emma Davidson. The book’s present-day narrative, which begins after a heart-broken Emma lands in post-pandemic Israel, is interwoven with parallel chapters that revisit the years leading up to, and including, the ministry of Jesus (Y’shua) of Nazareth. This historically-informed backstory revolves around the woman who will eventually turn out to be Y’shua’s most loyal supporter and spiritual confidant, Mary of Magdala.

As Mary’s/Emma’s lives unfold in both the past and the present, many of the Gospels’ major events are retold in new, but entirely plausible, ways. The novel’s exploration of who the Messiah was, and ultimately is, can’t help but inspire readers – religious or otherwise – to re-examine Christianity’s written records in a surprising new light… and to discover their deeper meaning for today.


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