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Publisher’s Overview:

For a full century, Kahlil Gibran’s best-selling masterwork, The Prophet, has been celebrated for its poetic “counsels” on such fundamental life issues as love, beauty, pleasure, and death.

But what if the author had taken on more controversial topics like war and peace, immigration and race relations, money and sexual politics – what might he have said? And what if, among the personal papers Gibran bequeathed to his long-time mentor, Mary Haskell, a collection of unpublished counsels was discovered in a drawer next to the stacks of intimate correspondence Mary actually did find in his New York studio?

Novelist and spiritual philosopher Mark Haskett has been a “devotee” of The Prophet ever since he was given a copy for his high school graduation. Now, taking on the persona and the poetic voice of the book’s fictional protagonist, Almustafa, Mark finally addresses the life issues Gibran – or at least his publisher – may have considered too contentious to include in his original manuscript.


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