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Publisher’s Overview:

Whether you’re a devoted fan of the Star Trek® TV series and films, or you’ve never watched a single episode, you’ll find a treasury of inspiration and spiritual insight on these pages. After all, the voyages of the Starship Enterprise—along with Star Trek’s® other sequels and prequels—were never really about the exploration of space. They were about boldly going into our selves… about investigating the deeper dimensions that give our lives meaning and purpose, that inspire us to become the best crewmen and women we can be right here on Spaceship Earth.

Boldly Going on Your Inner Voyage is the perfect companion for your ongoing explorations. Written in the form of the “daily meditationals” familiar to seekers of spiritual wisdom, as well as those who are in recovery or facing special challenges (aren’t we all?), the 400-plus meditations all begin with a quotation from one of Star Trek’s® repertoire of fascinating characters. The words of such icons as Captain Kirk, Picard and Janeway, Spock and Counselor Troi—and now Discovery’s Science Officer Burnham—are scattered throughout the Manual, along with those of lesser-known luminaries like Neelix and Natira.

Each quote sparks an insightful reflection on themes ranging from “Acceptance” to “Transformation,” from “Forgiving Oneself” to “Serving Others.” A brief affirmation follows, encouraging the reader to continue thinking about—and most importantly, acting on—the issues raised in the meditation.

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WHAT’S NEW in this latest edition are two comprehensive Indices that allow readers to easily locate all the quotes from any single Star Trek® character, or to find all the meditations related to a particular topic—made all the more easy in the “clickable” eBook edition. Also included is an Appendix of meditations that were deleted over the course of four previous editions in order to make room for new entries from the latest big-screen and small-screen incarnations of Star Trek®. In short, many of these “lost” meditations have now been restored in the form of another year’s readings… at least the 72-day “year” on the planet Arroway!

It doesn’t matter whether you start your explorations on day 01.01 (Earth’s January 1st), or A-36 (Arroway’s mid-year solstice)… or on whatever date you first happen to open the Manual. For that matter, you may want to read through all the meditations in a only few days as you would any other book. Just pick a random page or an inspiring quote, and let your Inner Voyage begin!

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