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Publisher’s Overview:

The Twentieth Century’s best-selling poet after Shakespeare and Lao-Tze, Lebanese-American author/artist Kahlil Gibran was undoubtedly best known for his inspirational book, The Prophet. With 101 of its most popular (and most enigmatic) quotations as points of departure, A Deeper Song: Reflections from The Prophet takes readers on a journey into the spiritual depths of Gibran’s poetic masterpiece. Along the way, it also reveals the underlying themes running from the book’s opening narrative to its final lines.

While The Prophet is already divided into 26 “counsels” on such topics as Love, Work, Joy and Sorrow, Crime and Punishment, Freedom, and Death, author Mark Haskett has organized the selected quotations into nine even-more-fundamental motifs that animate Gibran’s philosophy—and inspire his own insightful Reflections. Among these deeper themes are “Rethinking Our Values,” “Seeking Justice,” “Finding Wholeness” and “Celebrating Life.”

Admittedly, Gibran’s original work can stand quite nicely on its own, thank you. But if the test of great literature (including sacred literature) lies in the hidden treasures that can be gleaned from repeated readings and multiple layers of meaning, A Deeper Song reaffirms The Prophet’s place in our literary canon.


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