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Publisher’s Overview:

Special operations cop Levi Talbot was already furious after learning that his estranged brother Jimmy, a once-scandalized evangelist, would be returning to Las Vegas to open a Gospel-themed casino. He’s all the more infuriated when his commanding officer assigns him to lead an investigation into rumors that a bomb has been hidden somewhere in Jimmy’s new casino ever since its wildly-successful opening day.

Levi’s vow to quit the Department rather than take a single step into Calvary Casino—or speak a single word to his younger brother—seems less than convincing, especially in view of his preoccupation with the string of grisly murders he’s already investigating. When the murders and the bomb threat turn out to be connected, not only can Levi no longer avoid Jimmy, the violent incident outside their father’s wedding chapel that drove them apart decades ago suddenly emerges as the key to solving both cases.

With the help of Jimmy’s personal secretary—a seemingly innocent beauty who hides her own dark secrets—Levi confronts not only the past that now links rather than divides the Talbots, but the depth of emotion he has suppressed for too long.

Calvary Casino is a streetwise crime novel, an insightful commentary on religion that mistakes the medium for the message, and ultimately a parable of reconciliation and redemption. The story's breathtaking climax and final chapter will leave you satisfied, but ready for more.

A Study Guide is provided, designed to inspire both individual readers and discussion groups to continue reflecting on the themes and issues raised in the novel.


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